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Thursday, 25 April 2019

How to Make Your Marriage Last And Make Your Husband Happy.

How to Make Your Marriage Last And  Make Your Husband Happy.


Getting marriage is easy but to make your marriage last is the most hardest part. We always heard stories that some couples just got separated in a very short time because of many reasons like money problems, not compatible as they said but the most worst problem is marital affair. And this simple ways will help both of you to make your marriage last and make your husband happy.
1. Always make yourself sexy - even when you are not a career woman and just at home, dress well. Make an experiment always with your look everyday. Maybe you can wear a very short short with matching sexy tops. Show a bit of cleavage, put your hair up but just make your look different everyday.
2. Set the mood - when he got at home, if you got candles lit and sexy music playing, chances are he will get the message in an instant. And you have to prepare yourself too. Make a beauty rest even one hour before he got home.
3. Make a notes in his drawer or even in the door of your ref. - write "I misse you, honey" or even "ready for tonight" Just show to your hubby that you always think of him even when his not around.
4. Make flirt in bed - make the first move, we girls don't know that men likes girl to make the first move. Experiment with some sexual positions,afterwards, don't forget to tell him it was a good one.
5. Surprise him with a hug - hug your hubby when he least expect it even when he is working at the computer or watching TV give him a hug.
6. More kisses - a lingering kiss on the lips is enough to get your man's attention. Whether you want to leave it at that or take it to the next level is up to you.
7. Give him a massage - yes giving him a massage will make him thanks you. Especially foot rub. What could be sexier than this? Gently massage his tired feet at the end of a very tiring day.

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