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Friday, 10 November 2017

High mixed marriage in America

Hawaii ranks first in the United States in terms of mixed marriages, and the state is a model of cultural fusion in a country founded by immigrants from around the world. The director of the family center at the University of Hawaii Manoa, Silvia Yuan, said that mixed marriages were becoming popular in Hawaii and that people looked to couples of different races, very ordinary. According to official statistics, the number of mixed marriages in the United States has increased by 20% since 2000 Analysts say that Latino immigrants have tended to Asian immigrants, because of their similarities on the one hand, and the hope of creating a parallel society for the white man community on the other. Which could result in ethnic divisions and encourage racism on both sides. "Ethnic considerations will not disappear in the foreseeable future," says Professor Daniel Lichter, professor of sociology and public policy at Cornell University. "There has been a rise in anti-immigrant sentiment recently and new laws aimed at reducing immigration. "Reaction to immigrants by white men has made some of them turn to other races close to him for support," says Lechter, while official data show that 40 percent of Asian-born immigrants have married white people since 1980. While rising The number of Hispanic Americans who have been married to whites over the past three decades. The number of blacks who want to marry whites has nearly tripled. This is due to increased cultural awareness among Black Americans and the acceptance of the middle class of other cultures. "We eat the same food, and we love the same things," says Asian-American citizen Hai Nguyen, 37, who has had few problems with her Vietnamese husband. Nguyen says that demographic changes in America will hold a number of concepts in different races. Most black Americans who belong to mixed families say they are black. In a survey by the US Bureau of Statistics, Sansos Bioru, US President Barack Obama identified himself as "black," although his mother was white. Mississippi is experiencing a rapid increase in the number of mixed marriages between whites and blacks, rising from 2.25 to 3.7 million between 2000 and 2008 at the level of the 50 states. The marriage of blacks and whites has become socially acceptable in the states of the South, which have seen the worst chapters of racism in US history. On the other hand, a number of Latino Americans found their white compatriots, including Joan Turman, a Houston sales manager who married a blonde girl named Emily. "Mixed marriages are not as many think, My wife, but I felt a cultural difference and this feeling is still so far ». Observers say Obama's coming to power has changed some negative perceptions of blacks, while others see it as adding to ethnic tensions in America.

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