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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Terms of use of the site 06 for marriage and dating

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The participant must be over 18 years of age. The purpose of the site is to get acquainted for legal marriage only and not for any other purpose and all persons wishing to participate know this.
Participation for the purpose of acquaintance, friendship, fun marriage, temporary marriage or customary marriage is prohibited and is not permitted on the site. The username of a member must be good and respectful, and appropriate to the nature of this legitimate site, and prohibits the use of names of comic or superficial or disrespectful. It is prohibited to enter an email or contact number under a user name or personal data, and should not be displayed to members. This data is for management only. The site is for personal use only and it is not permitted to use the site commercially or advertising by the members in any form. Whoever does so will expose himself to legal accountability upon termination of his membership and not being entitled to any refunds. The site is for personal use only, and we apologize from the letters or letters and ask them not to register on the site, because of the lack of a system of their own site. For young men and women eligible for membership effective one site, and must not register more than membership, violation of this condition offers all members of the ban. The use of lying, exaggeration and misinformation in the personal data, the owner of the embargo directly without warning. The subscriber should not write superficial, comic or mock statements in his or her profile. The use of membership on the site is prohibited in order to defame or abuse any person. Contact information available through the website: Communication between members is done through internal correspondence at the site only, and prevents the use of means of correspondence outside the site, and all members to abide by the values ​​and traditions in their internal correspondence, and if it is proven irregularities of one member is terminated without warning, The e-mail, contact, or message from the other party is prohibited for the purpose of the off-site conversation, and should be observed in the internal messaging through the site. It is prohibited to send email or contact number in the address or content of the message, and should be observed in the internal correspondence via the site. It prevents in the use of bold phrases and words to scratch modesty (eg sexy, sex, very hot .... etc). In correspondence, it is prohibited to ridicule the statements, level, or request of a member. General Notes : We have the right to cancel the membership of any member without recourse to it, and if the member is notified of any violation of the terms of membership is terminated and the member is not entitled to recover any amounts paid. The site has the right to modify or cancel any information contained in the site, including data that members may enter, which may not comply with the work regulations of the site or inconsistent with values ​​and traditions, or call for hatred or intellectual or political trends or contain information, Websites or e - mail. The site is entitled to cancel the membership of inactive subscribers, especially those who have not used the site more than two months in order to preserve the seriousness of the nature of the site. Our website is not responsible for the accuracy of data and information recorded and transmitted by subscribers

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